While enjoying some beers on a boat on the crystal clear waters off Seven Mile Beach one Sunday afternoon, the question was posed: why does the Cayman Islands not have its own craft brewery? It was this question that fueled the desire to establish a quality, local, craft brewery that would cater to the Cayman lifestyle and become something that Cayman could call its own. 

With any craft brewery, a qualified brew master is essential, so the search began for someone who could assist with bringing the idea to life, reflect this in the brews, and help bring true, quality, local craft beer to our islands. Jordan MacNevin was the man for the job.

A name for the brewery and a sharp logo had to be formulated. As this brewery is all about the islands and the Cayman lifestyle, the nautical coordinates were the obvious place to start and 19-81 Brewing Co. set sail.

Three beers are our foundation. Cayman BlondeIsland Session and Tropical IPA. From time to time, you will find limited editions produced in collaboration with local farmers and stakeholders.We are very proud to bring you fresh, local, craft beer, made right here in Grand Cayman from the finest ingredients. We are a craft brewery that truly wants to embody in its brews all that our islands represent.

You’ll find us brewing at 273 Dorcy Drive where you can visit us in the tap room and sample our foundation brews and limited editions. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in private events, tours or even creating your own craft beer.


Jordan MacNevin is an east coast Canadian whose passion for craft beer is exemplified through his hard work and the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every 19-81 brew.

Studying Biological Health Sciences at Bishop’s University in Canada, Jordan planned to continue to medical school with the hopes of eventually joining Doctors Without Borders. However, after being introduced to the science of brewing by his chemistry professor, he was invited to assist in the production of a new microbrewery on-campus called Bishop’s Arches Brewery. This was his first glimpse into the brewing industry – and one that inspired him to change career paths in pursuit of his new-found passion.

Jordan continued his brewing education at Bishop’s University, undertaking a graduate degree in Brewing Science. Here, he also took on responsibility for the management of the on-campus brewery and assisted in the development of the programme for future students. This allowed him the freedom to experiment with different brewing styles, and embrace his creative side by working on the development of his own recipes.

Jordan had the privilege of first being introduced to craft beer by Andrew “Esty” Estabrooks, a long-time friend, former babysitter, and head brewer at Picaroons Brewery in Fredericton, New Brunswick (Jordan’s hometown). Before moving to Cayman, Jordan was granted the opportunity to perfect his craft at Foghorn Brewing Company, Esty’s new venture in New Brunswick. This mentorship allowed him to apply the skills he acquired at Bishop’s University and experience what goes into running a brewery first hand.

Today, when not in the 19-81 brewery with tunes blazing and arms deep in hops, Jordan can be found enjoying a day on the water with SWS Cayman, fishing for dinner on the North Sound, or hanging off the coast of South Sound learning how to surf.